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“Hi there again Frank, It's Phil here again reporting from the street out in front of my house. I'm out here dancing on it!LOL. I put on another Pre London Open day trade on the Gbp/Usd today and it turned out to be another winner. Man it just doesn't get any better than this...I watched your mid week video on my Eur/Usd trade of Sept.14 and you replicated it exactly as I had done it. Good Job Frank! I honestly believe anyone not trying this strategy out is really missing the boat here. This is such a visually simple strategy to implement that the winners literally knock the ball out of the park! You could have 3 losses in a row and 1 winner wipes out all the losses. What more could any trader ask for? In closing, I'd just like to say again how much I appreciate your teaching and coaching Frank. You're leading the way for me to Independence Day. Next time I go visit my brother in Coquitlam, I'd like to call you up and take you out for a nice cold beer, my treat - cause after all......U R Da Man!!!.......With highest regards... ”- Phil

“Let me just start off by saying," You are da Man" I applied your Pre London Strategy this past Fri. Sept.14th to the Eur/Usd. Stop loss,including spread was 15 pips, Target was R2, which was achieved easily for a profit of 97 pips. That's a reward of 6.47 to 1. This is seriously unreal! Just blows me away. If I was any happier, I'd have to go outside and start dancing in the streets. LOL. Wishing you the very, very best. ”- Phil LaMarche

“Hi, Mr Frank Paul, How are you doing sir, fine I hope. Would you send me that complimentary pivot calculator would be greatly appreciated. Also I am learning so much from the Fibonacci Swing Trader and the FX system Lab. I tell you honestly to God, my trading has seriously improved. First time in years since I start trading Forex back in 2009 I lost or blow out accounts 3 times. Now I am actually making pips! Trading is starting to be fun and enjoyable if I win or loss. Because I can clearly see how much better I am in studying, entering,managing money and trades and taking pips. So I now I'll get better with practice. Frank just have to thank you for the superior and excellent teaching mentor you have been to me. Have a great wonderful day! Sincerely Yours.” - Mr. Andrew Donnelly

“Dear Frank, I really like this month's system and it looks like it has great potential. As always, thanks for the excellent videos and illustrations. They are clear, concise and explain the method very well... Many thanks”- James P.

“Hey Frank, Just finished watching the weekly video update of the Quad Screen set up which was great. During the week I purchased the London Open course after watching a demo video and I have to say I love it. I haven’t traded it yet but the simplicity and effectiveness of the system is awesome. It looks like this is what you are really focusing in on now as both the QS and LO systems are basically the same. I love the placing of a tight stop after entering the trade, working out the target based on the ADR and then walking away. As I’ve probably said many times, the problem I have is that I have limited time to watch computer screens, so to be able to look for a trade, and then walk away is a great advantage. Thanks again for the example videos you produce to help people like me! Kind regards,” - Greg D.

“Hi Frank, Just to tell you how pleased i am with your latest course. Besides being simple and accurate the trading times are extremely good for those of us in the australasia region - makes a change to have something that we can manage in our normal waking time. also looks like it would lend itself well to an EA, but i wont ask !! no doubt we'll find out what you've got in store for us in that regard in the near future. Thanks for continually looking for improvements for us. Regards,” - Peggy L.

“Good morning sir and happy new year. Just to say a big thank you for Saturday's video, it make trading simple and effortless. God will continue to bless you with more wisdom and am very happy with the way you move the candles forward in explaining how price unfold. It's very educating and it's a privilege to know you. Am planning to start my trading back this year but I just can't stop keeping up with ur weekly videos, there is nothing like it. Thanks again.” -Toyin G.

“Hi Frank, Here are 2 more trades that I took both profitable: July 20, 4:01EST EURAUD sell 1.1722 15mn. Initial risk 16 pips. P1 20 pips, P2 55 pips 5 screen. July 20, 4:00EST AUDCHF Buy 1.0201 15mn. Initial risk 18. P1 19 pips, P2 42 pips 5 screen. Total for July 20 Friday: 136 pips. I am actually still observing the triple screen EMA set-up that is why my P1s are low. This is my first week of EMAs triple screen trading.I took 4 day trades that are all winners resulting in totalpips of 220 pips. I actually could have made more if I aimed for higher P1s.” -Jaime S.

“I want to thank you for SystemsLab which is absolutely great and have been successful with the low risk position trade module (5). Have been trading that for a while and it is working great.” - Patrick K.

“Hi Frank, Hope you and yours are doing well! I just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your whole series, and how much I've learned from you that I've been able to incorporate into my style of trading. You're the best my friend, and thank you for all you've done. Have a super major league summer out in "God's Country...Best Wishes!” - Phil LaMarche

“Hello sir, how are u and family? Am happy I subscribed to FXM, it's one of my greatest moment, your teaching is the best and i have dedicated the whole of this month to learning learning and learning. Knowledge is the key to success. Thank you for the deep research and good thinking. You are my Leader... Thank you, am eternally grateful. God bless.”- Toyin Gbadebo

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