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In 2003, veteran trader and educator Peter Bain founded Forexmentor.com after becoming alarmed with the misinformation that is being diseminated to new Forex traders.

Peter, himself, learned how to trade in the early days of his career from some of the top traders in reputable trading houses. Peter spent an 18-month period learning anything and everything he could about trading the Forex. Over time, he developed his instincts for a simple yet powerful Forex trading system based on his Pivot program which has been continuously refined over the years. His system consists of the same techniques used by many trading houses today.

Today the Forexmentor.com community is made up of thousands of members and a team of experienced trainers and mentors all contributing world-class education to aspiring traders of all skill levels with comprehensive video courses and live training services.

The team of mentors at Forexmentor has helped over 27,000 traders just like you to learn to trade the Forex successfully and consistently. Whether you are a complete newcomer to Forex trading or someone looking to improve your trading results, our straight forward, self-paced Forex trading courses have empowered thousands of individuals to build a consistent income stream from trading the Forex market.

We pride ourselves for offering the most comprehensive and affordable Forex training on the internet.

Peter Bain Founder & Mentor

Peter learned the art of trading in the early days of his career from some of the top traders in trading houses. Peter spent 18 months learning anything and everything he could about Forex trading. Since then, Peter has condensed his ideas down to a synthesis of strategies, techniques and tips that most of the Big Dogs in this business can relate to.

Over the years, he has developed his instincts for a simple yet powerful Forex trading system based on his pivot trading strategies which have been refined over the years. His system consists of the same techniques used by many trading houses today.

Vic Noble Personal Forex Coach

A former broker, Vic knows firsthand what it takes to become a consistently profitable trader. Vic's simple approach to Forex trading and his emphasis on risk management have helped to turn around the trading career of thousands of forex traders.

Vic has always maintained a passion for trading and as a result of his years in the brokerage business was able to gain unique insights into the habits of both successful and unsuccessful traders. Vic operates the twice-weekly live training and follow-up service called the Coach's Corner and the Recurring Forex Pattern Daily Review service. » Read more about Vic Noble.

Frank Paul Senior Mentor

Frank Paul is one of the longest standing and most popular trainers at Forexmentor.com. He joined the Forexmentor Team in 2007, and has assisted thousands of Forex traders with his educational resources and services. They include FX SystemsLab Monthly, FXM TrendTrader, Fast Track to Forex, Forex Profits with MACD and Forex Master Blueprint.

He has also contributed on a regular weekly basis to the Forexmentor Daily AM Review since April, 2010. Frank has also presented live webinars and trading seminars. Frank’s style is thorough and detailed, yet conversational and relaxed. We’re sure that you will find his easy-to-follow style a real benefit to your trading education. » Read more about Frank Paul.

Shirley Hudson Trader & Mentor

There are great traders...and there are incredible traders. Shirley Hudson is a rare breed of traders who has achieved incredible accuracy and consistency with her personal trading. Shirley first joined Forexmentor as a student. She went on to apply the techniques she learned at Forexmentor.com to trade the London Close and Recurring Forex Patterns with astonishing results since 2010. Shirley now shares her methods and insights via webinars, courses, daily service & workshops.

Chris Mathis Daily Trade Plan

Chris Mathis was once an ambitious student learning under the expert tutelage of our very own Peter Bain and Vic Noble, he quickly earned the reputation as ForexMentor's resident divergence expert with his ability to consistently spot and profit from divergence patterns in the market. As his success continued, he was selected and brought onboard to trade for a Hong Kong based hedge fund where he used the same tools and strategies to trade for professional clients. These same tools and strategies he will now share with the Daily Trade Plan members DAILY!"

Ben Nathan Forexmentor Live!

Ben Nathan worked all kinds of 'meat grinding' hours, doing a job he hated… before he heard about the world of Forex and started his Forex journey. After several years of self-teaching, learning from the Forex Mentor resources, and training 1 on 1 with a professional trader he became a consistent intraday trader, and began trading for private clients in 2011. Now, working with investors and traders, Ben helps people to successfully travel the challenging journey of becoming a consistent and profitable trader. His training and trading philosophy is based on being consistent, effectively managing risk and combatting the common psychological flaws associated with struggling traders. Ben actively trades, using methods based on price action and support and resistance in the Forexmentor Live!.