By Frank Paul & Peter Bain


Following the successful release of our Trendline Mastery foundation course (in August, 2015), our students of Trendline and Trend Channel-focused trading strategies expressed a strong desire for an interactive membership service providing opportunities for additional, ongoing educational support. As one member told us: “With Trendline Mastery, you’ve given me an awesome toolkit. Now I want you to give me a classroom so that I can study those tools further and interact with others about them”.

Join Trader’s Club learning leader and Trendline Mastery course developer Frank Paul (and special guest presenter Peter Bain) to delve deeper into this exciting application of Technical Analysis, and take your trading acumen (and results) to the next higher level.


About Frank Paul...

After joining the Forexmentor team in September, 2007, Frank Paul became one of our perennially most popular and acclaimed instructor/mentors, having gained a well-deserved reputation for his clarity and thoroughness in distilling sometimes complex trading concepts into a format that is easily understandable by aspiring traders coming to the Forex industry from a wide variety of backgrounds. Over the past eight years, Frank has authored a number of popular Forex trading educational resources for Forexmentor, including the Trendline Mastery course, which serves as the primary point of reference for the Trader’s Club service. Frank firmly believes that Top-Down Trendline Analysis is literally the most powerful – and easily applied – tool that anyone can use for detecting and exploiting a strong trending market.

What You'll Learn


The Trendline Mastery Trader’s Club begins with a blend of educational and opportunity identification-focused learning materials, presented in both streaming video and PDF files, updated twice weekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to our member-only site. The purpose of this educational content is to provide current, real-world applications of methods and concepts presented in the Trendline Mastery course, which will be beneficial to members both by enhancing their educational experience, and having their attention drawn to potentially actionable trading opportunities.

We also have exciting ideas in the works for ways we can expand upon the service going forward, including on-demand, one-on-one coaching consultations (via private webinar) and trade alerts. Look for news on these exciting additions to our service lineup in the coming months.

Here is an overview of just the bi-weekly content updates – published Tuesdays and Thursdays each week – which you will be able to access with your membership to the Trader’s Club:

  • TRADE RECAP VIDEO: This narrated video presentation walks you through the Top-Down Trendline Analysis that contributed to an actionable trade opportunity, occurring over the preceding week since the last update was posted. The purpose of this piece is educational, specifically to exemplify concepts and methods presented in the Trendline Mastery foundation course. This video content is archived in a separate tabbed area in the member's site.
  • TRENDLINE FORECAST PACK: This printable PDF comprises four condensed screen captures per pair (one for each timeframe) which will include relevant Trendline annotations, details of which are referenced in a Summary page at the front of the document, just after the title page. A total of up to six priority pairs will be selected for inclusion each update, from among a screening portfolio of about 20 pairs, based on the strength and clarity of the Top-Down Trendline analysis apparent for each (i.e. showing the six best looking trend trade pairs on that particular day). The purpose of this piece is opportunity identification, and the content is archived in a separate tabbed area in the member's site.
  • TRADER’S CLUB HOT PICK VIDEO: This video presentation will focus on one of the six pairs covered in the latest Trendline Forecast Pack and go into greater detail in regards to chart technicals (and any fundamentals of relevance), with a focus on a potentially pending trade setup expected to materialize over the next several days. Like the Forecast PDF, the purpose of this piece is to opportunity identification, and this content too is archived in a separate tabbed area in the member's site.
  • MIDWEEK ROUNDUP VIDEO: A Pre-recorded presentation to offer relevent updates and analysis on the latest market conditions and to demonstrate any available trading examples.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to changes in personal circumstances of our contributor Frank Paul, this service has been scaled down. Commentary from Frank is no longer available. Members will continue to have access to the Screener Matrix, resources, and past videos. The subscription rate has been adjusted to $19/mo. to reflect this change and you will receive any due credits in your account. Please contact us at if you have any questions.