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Here is our planned release dates & topic of each of the trading system courses (please note: in the unlikely event, we reserve the right to make minor changes to this list, with 30 days notice provided):


The 3-Screen
MACD Histogram

This scalable trading method involves finding the same type of MACD histogram reading on three consecutive timeframes (either bullish or bearish), then drilling down to the next lower for a fractal continuation pattern denoted by the MACD histogram on that timeframe resolving to trend after a specifically contrarian reading.


The 3-Screen
Paired EMA

With evidence of either bullish or bearish Gap & Angle readings on a 10/20 paired EMA configuration plotted on three consecutive scalable timeframes, we drill down to the next lower for evidence of a specifically corrective EMA reading there, trading in the direction of the higher level trend once a specific type of identified crossover event occurs.


The Directional
Movement Trade

This scalable method is based on the Directional Movement indicator used in conjunction with Market Flow. We consider a long bias when the DI+ line crosses over the DI- with ADX rising, or a short bias based on DI- crossing below DI+ with ADX falling; and then drill down to the next lower timeframe to replicate the analysis for a potential fractal entry setup.


The Pre-London
Open Day Trade

The timeframe spanning anywhere after midnight GMT up to the London open at 8:00 am GMT provides an excellent vantage point to determine the tradable trend for the current 24-hour session, to set Day Trade take-profit targets based on GMT pivots used in conjunction with the 5-day Average Daily Range calculation, and most importantly of all – to exploit the highest volatility period of most trading days.


The Low-Risk
Position Trade

A refined & greatly improved version of Elder’s "Triple Screen" Position Trade method, this system involves reading trend simply and easily from the Weekly chart, then using visual entry signals on the 4hr chart which are specifically validated against the Daily chart, with super-tight stops easily obtained from the 5m chart. An excellent system for attaining high Reward/Risk multiples!


The Parabolic
SAR Scalping

Here’s a dead-simple and effective way to align with momentum conveyed by the same Parabolic SAR reading on each of the 4hr, 60m and 15m charts, drilling down to the 5m chart for a fractal retracement, and its resolution to trend with a Parabolic SAR reversal in the direction of the higher level momentum reading. A great way to exploit 20-pip Limit Exit opportunities repetitively throughout the trading week.


The Zoomer Trade

Called The Zoomer because it’s all about ‘zooming in’ from a strong trend reading on the Daily chart (first onto the 4hr timeframe for a Swing Point reversal, then onto the 5m chart for a crossover entry signal), this Swing Trading method is both an eminently logical way to buy the dips/sell the rallies – AND – a great way to drive high Reward/Risk multiples.


The 2-Chart
Daily Trend

Three simple filters are applied on the Daily chart to determine tradable trend. Then, we drill down to the 4hr chart looking for a counter-trend Williams %R reading resolving to trend on a crossover of bullish or bearish thresholds. A split position is taken with a 20-pip ‘insurance’ target covering the 20 pip stop on the second lot, the latter carried open as a Swing or Position Trade.


EMA Trend

There’s a dead-simple and extremely visual way to ensure you have multi-timeframe trend clearance that enables drilling down to the 5m chart for low-risk entry points into longer-term trade setups, and it involves the same two analytical filters using just price bars and a single 10EMA on each chart. We’ll show you how to do it in this installment.


The Ichimoku
Trend Trade

The Ichimoku indicator is actually much more than an indicator: it’s a sophisticated and internally complete “system” approach to trading providing trend, trade entry, stop and trade management rules that are at once visual and high-probability. In this installment we’ll demystify this powerful element of Technical Analysis for maximum profit potential, using just the Daily and 60m charts in tandem.


Pure Price
Action Trade

Time to do away with indicators altogether and focus on just the core elements of price action: Market Flow, Support, and Resistance. In this course, we’ll show you how to read the tradable trend based on Swing Point progressions, impulse waves and retracements; and trade continuation patterns as well as breakouts of Support/Resistance with resting buy/sell stops.


Turtle Trader

Richard Dennis’s famous “Turtle Traders” experiment was predicated, in part, on application of Donchian Channels. In this final installment of the series, we improve and update the original concept by arraying Donchian Channels in top-down format together with CCI, for high Reward/Risk day trade entries and exits. Where others talk only generalities on this approach, we’ll give you all the trading rule details you need to trade just like a Turtle.

Each of systems courses comes with a useful 'Cheat Sheet'. Please see sample video below:

Each of systems courses includes:

Trading System Course
New trading system each month
Weekly Illustration Videos  3 times a week practical video examples
System ‘Cheat Sheet’
A written summary of the system for quick references
Chart Layout  for each of the 12 systems
Finding The Setup
for each of the 12 systems
Filtering The Setupfor each of the 12 systems
Trade Entry/Management/Exit
for each of the 12 systems
Detailed Case Studiesfor each of the 12 systems

NOTE: Each course and related support material are provided online. We may provide DVD upgrades in the future for each of the system courses (additional charge applies)

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