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FX SystemsLab Monthly is unlike any other educational resource for Forex traders. Each and every month, starting June, 2012 and concluding 12 months later in May, 2013, we provide you one new Forex trading system course. That’s 12 in total in just one year!


FX SystemsLab Monthly™ is an exciting and unique training service available exclusively from Forexmentor.com. It is designed for the serious Forex traders and unlike any other educational resources.

  • Highlights of FX SystemsLab:
  • 12 richly detailed and presented trading systems in 12 months!
  • Three times weekly narrated video run-downs for each monthly trading system !
  • Trade system concepts guaranteed to expand your horizons and deepen your market understanding!
  • Each system includes a written "cheat sheet" as well as scanning tools

What’s It All About?

Each and every month, starting June, 2012 and concluding 12 months later in May, 2013, we provide you one new, comprehensive trading system course. That’s 12 in total in just one year!

Each of the monthly courses is impeccably detailed and practically focused, with an emphasis not on pie-in-the-sky theory, but rather how to “get down to brass tacks” and actually apply the system for the purpose of making money in the global Forex market. The duration of each course shall be not less than 90 minutes each, for a total instruction time over 18 hours by the conclusion of our initial 12-month topic rotation.

Each month, by no later than the 1st of the month, you will receive access to the latest monthly trading system course. But that's not all. Three times per week for the following calendar month (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays), you will also receive access to fully narrated video overviews demonstrating the power of that month’s chosen trading system in action, with a focus on a setup that occurred during the preceding week.

The basic format for all of the 12 trading courses will be as follows:

  1. Chart Layout.
  2. Finding The Setup.
  3. Filtering The Setup.
  4. Trade Entry.
  5. Trade Management.
  6. Trade Exit.
  7. Detailed Case Study.

In addition, the video presentation of each course will be supplemented with a PDF formatted type-written summary of the trading rules for which you can refer to again and again.

Who Is This Service For?

Quite literally, any trader of any level of experience – from newbie to seasoned expert – will find tremendous value in our offering. Our trading systems are designed to reflect the optimal balance of effectiveness, ease of use, risk management and (wherever possible) scalability. Newcomers to Forex looking for someone to teach them the actual ‘nuts and bolts’ of how to find and execute a trade will come away from the experience with a profoundly elevated sense of confidence. Aspiring, intermediate-level traders who still haven’t quite found the system they feel they can make their own will be able to settle down and adopt a consistently applied approach that they can use for the rest of their trading careers. Seasoned pros feeling perhaps a little ‘stale’ or looking for an edge they hadn’t considered before will definitely experience a new sense of urgency as they apply their daily trading plan reflecting our methods. Put simply: there’s something here for everyone!

System Cheat Sheet is a written summary of the system which is included with every system. Please watch the video below:

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