Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In a nutshell, can you tell us what the London Open Trade Strategy is all about?
A: It is a time specific, rules-based Forex trading system.
Q: Why are you so excited about this trading system?
A: It is simple and quick to learn. Traders can start looking for trades in a matter of days.
Q: How long have you been back-testing this strategy?
A: Darko has back-tested and refined this strategy for over 5 years.
Q: What is the best way to learn to trade this strategy?
A: Watch the video course and the follow-up trading example videos. You can also join Coach's Corner for ongoing assistance.
Q: Does the video course explain everything about how to implement this strategy?
A: Yes, you will have everything you need to implement this system for yourself.
Q: Is it a 100% rule-based strategy or is there a discretionary component?
A: It is a 100% objective, non-discretionay system for the entering trades. You have to use your own discretion to manage your trade.
Q: How accurate is this strategy?
A: Our back-testing produced 65 - 70% accuracy. Results will vary depending on trade management.
Q: How is this strategy different from other trading strategies?
A: It is simple to learn, rules-based. It brings high probability trades to you. it is time and pair specific and we are looking for a "niche" setup.
Q: What trading platform or broker do I need to use?
A: You can use any reputable Forex broker or trading platform.
Q: Do I have to watch my trades all day long?
A: No! Only for several hours during the London Open time window.
Q: How long does it take to learn this strategy proficiently?
A: You can learn the strategy in matter of just a few hours. Then we recommend that you do your own back-testing, which will help you with confidence in taking these setups, as you prove to yourself how well they work!.

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