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More Forexmentor Member Testimonials

This just in from Teresa Sossamon of Edmond, OK: "Your training CDs and DVDs are the best and it has helped me to be a better trader already. I do hope to meet the great and wonderful people that are helping me meet my goals. I do realize this is a big job training us. I have worked with the public and know how the public acts. So I can not stress enough how I appreciate all the effort and hard work that you and all you staff have done for me. I want to let you know how great and wonderful you all are to go to all the trouble putting this training program together for us. I could not be this far along if it were not for you."

Dino Simms of Atlanta, George thanks us: "I just wanted to say thanks for creating your program and sharing your real world trading experience with everyone. I have done some trading in stocks and options with other supposed gurus and programs but your system, based on pivot points, sound logical and uses the best market in the world; the FX is the way to go! I have no doubts now, that I can make money with the FX. Your idea of keeping a log is very good. I've noticed that writing and updating my log has almost come an obsession. I use it to "talk to myself" and plan my strategy for the next session. My log along with your AM review is really helping me learn to trade the FX."

Chris is floored by our level of customer service: "DHL have just dropped off the forex trading package - I am blown away by this level of service and cannot believe that in less than a week after placing the order I have the package in my hands. I am very impressed and wish to thank you for your speedy delivery and excellent service. Have a great day and God bless. Warmest regards, Chris"

Listen as Gary shares his experience with us: "Hi Peter, I just wanted you to know that I missed the London session this morning (too tired from work yesterday) - so I decided to trade the NY session. I've been studying your course 7 days a week for the past few weeks - you really explain everything very well. I knew very little about currency trading before I got your course and I never would've studied technical analysis if you didn't offer your course because the books available on the subject are very overwhelming and complex - definitely not for the beginner. I studied my charts for awhile and plotted the pivot points on the chart. I've been demo trading for a few days, but decided to go ahead and fund a live account - I probably should've demo'd for a bit longer, but I've been studying your course diligently and I'm really learning the concepts. I bought the Euro at 1.2824 and I determined the trend using the pivot points and the chart patterns and trendlines (MACD just seemed to be confirming the trend). You're right - when you have real money on the line, you don't blink. Around 9:30 am or so, after a period of market indecision, things started to happen with my trade (at one point before this, I was down at a loss of $16, but I held onto the trade based on my uptrend determination). The market went past M2 and I got out with a profit of $35 (in the mini account). In a regular account, this would've been a $350 profit made within minutes, which is really exciting. I just can't believe this - I was prepared to lose some money as I go through the learning curve, and I know I will have losing days, but this is fantastic. Thanks for an incredible system!"

David Whitman of New Hope, Pennsyvania sees the market in a new way: “Thank you for opening my eyes. I must have been trading with the monitor off because having watched the course video and joining this group I see things totally different. GREAT JOB!!”

Perize Gawit from UK Raves: "Hi Peter! Thanks a lot to you for your wonderful system which I purchased about 3 months ago. By using your tools I have able to grab USD$420 in one week. I only spend 4 days a week and skipped Monday. Have a nice day"

Greg of Red Bank, NJ turned his trading around with our system: "After adding the daily and weekly pivots to my trading plan I can finally see the Forex markets! I have been trading the Futures markets (primarily the S&P), and Forex was always a struggle for me, it didn't have that ebb and flow I was used to, now it's a different story. My Forex account has outperformed my Futures account by 5:1 in the past 2 weeks (when I got your system). I would never be able to pull down the handles on the S&P to compete with this market. Amazing what a simple change can do!"

Rave reviews from William of Las Vegas, NV: "Peter: I received your course on Friday. I studied it all weekend. Even though you don't promote trading on Mondays I couldnt wait to put your system to the test. This week I have taken 12 trades with 11 winners. I am very impressed to say the least as I have taken several courses and spent many thousands of dollars.

Instant Success for Naomi from Costa Mesa, CA: "Your excellent website with powerful testimonials convinced me to order your training package. I received it on Aug 18 and have watched and read everything sent. Very good materials and lots of review was appreciated to help me retain the important steps. I opened a demo forex account with my commodity broker, RJ O'Brien, on Thursday and watched a few hours just starting about an hour before the London open, which is at midnight for me in Calif. I saw the price action behave around the pivots, the chart patterns and MACD - just like you explained in your training. I took a trade for the Aug 27 session just before the London open. In 90 minutes I made 30 pips on one contract and went to bed feeling very comfortable with how I responded to the signals I saw - exactly as you explained. This seems so much easier than trying to follow the individual commodities or indexes. I just spent a lot of money on another trading system geared toward the indexes. It's a valid trading method, but more time consuming to calculate the price action/indicators used. I love the simplicity of your signals - yet they are powerful. I'm so thankful for the advent of the internet as it has opened up the door to great opportunities like finding you and your trading method that can literally change a person's lifestyle by providing freedom of time and a very comfortable income. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and trading method".

This just in from Lesley of Dorado Valley, Namibia: "Where have you been all my life? You are the best, no contest! If anybody disagree sue them, or I will. Within days of learning your system I could identify tradeable trades and have been spot-on, though I have not even started to paper trade! And to make matters worse I tried to apply the many techiques I was taught previously and guess what? none works......well let's skip that part. You are God's gift to us the ordinary folks!"

Listen as Bob tells how our system blew the competition away: " I have been studying the forex under another tutor for the last 9 months without too much success, another one of the 'give me your money' people and I will see you through. Unfortunately it has been a little expensive and no reward. I did however follow your advice on Friday (purely paper trading as I am obviously testing out you system) and I netted 226 points, 165 points, and 115 points. I must say I am very impressed, as my other trading 'helper' would only have netted me 45 points, a good day for him. I am in touch with about ten more people who are also having the same problems and I am sure they would be very keen to hear about your system..."

Graeme Almond of Sydney AUSTRALIA thanks us: "Just an e-mail of eternal thanks. I received your course only 3 week ago and are reaping the benefits already. Just a part of my week is that I traded EUR/JPY for $980 profit today. (more active during the Aussie day session than EUR/USD). Showed a huge MACD divergence even on a 4 hour chart, which to me gave it more grunt on the down side. Also had a sort of double top. Sold when it hit the M2 pivot point. Then picked up on the double top and MACD divergence on a 15 min chart re the EUR/USD coming into the London session and picked up another $280 (Aussie dollars). Up $4,220 for the week. Only thing I do different is I change to a 5 or 10 min chart to pick up on a MACD and/or RSI 14 divergence, indicating that the run is stalling. Note the EUR/USD double bottom with huge MACD divergence on 5 min chart telling me to sell. 10:00 GMT time. 9/7/04 or USA date 7/9/04...Thank you again"

Enoch Lui, Calgary, Alberta tells us about his trading success: "Just a quick praise at how great your system works. For the last two weeks, all I did was follow your system. I waited for the london open to initiate than plotted my pivot points. Once set up, all that is remain was to wait for the signal to show up on the 15 min chart. Most of the time I only wait for a signal that the market is about to reverse course. This could be hammers, railroad tracks. And each time I would execute my move on if not near a pivot. added that I will trade with greater units if there were more ironcad signals such as a MACD divergence. And the result was more than satisfying. for the last 8 trading days, I have made an average of 20-50 pips each day. The most impressive thing to me isnt about the money, its the fact that your course is so acurate this past week it was perfect in 8 out of 8 trading days. Something I wish I can brag about for the rest of my life but I know I still have much to learn. and I know all the credit belongs to you. Again I thank you so much, and I wish all the newbies out there to know, this is not as easy as I first expect but once you hammer down the technique and dicipline, it is not as hard as it seems."

Jenny Wong from Hong Kong writes: " It's been one month since I purchased the course material. I have already earned back the money spent for this in 2 weeks. It's really a great offer. Thanks Peter. Most importantly, I have built up my confidence in trading the FX using your method. It's amazing how the price react to those pivot points. I'm really excited about it. Studying the Euro chart that you posted everyday became my routine work before brushing my teeth and go to sleep. You're great mentor as you response to my questions within the same day. I really appreciate that"

Robert Rivera, Fairfield, Iowa writes: "Dear Forexmentor, I just wanted to take this time to thank you for this incredible course. After taking several forex courses and losing thousands of dollars in the forex market, I finally started to learn how to trade. After 4 weeks I have not lost a trade using your system. Well two trades I did lose on but that was because I did not adhere to your pivot point system. Thanks again"

Mark Johnson from Atlanta, Georgia writes: "Peter Bain's currency trading course is nothing short of awesome. The pivot point trading method is analagous to precision guidance system. It amazes me time and time again, the way prices adhere to these pivot numbers. Just wait for the signals in and around the pivot points, pull the trigger and let it rip! This is by far, one of the best reading investments I have ever made. Thank you for a wonderful course.

Michael wants to quit his job. Here's what he had to say:" My name is Michael, and since purchasing your pivots program, my days of being an actual employee of someone else are numbered. I trade stocks and do fairly well with them, but this program is awesome! I just wanted to say thank you for making this technique available to the average Joe. I will be going live with a real account on Tuesday July 1, and am looking forward to earning some real cash as opposed to demo cash. Please keep me posted on new trading tips and the newsletter. Once again thank you very much.....Michael"

John Segrest, Round Rock, TX writes "Peter, I purchased your 1st course several months ago and just wanted to say that your AM Review has gotten better and better as time has progressed. What a gem for new traders! It's worth the price of admission alone. Keep up the good work, we appreciate it!"

Geoffrey writes: “As you say, Who could have guessed!!! You called it right on the nose on the EURO!!! AND, thats not the first time too!!! When I go back to your archives, it just blows me away how accurate and precise your pivot points are and recommendations!!! Your course and daily newsletter just amazes me!!! My Big Flick came on as you say!!! “

Gek M. from Wellington, New Zealand writes: “Thanks so much, your program that I have been reviewing and putting to the test has totally blown my mind!”

Tyrone from Midwest City, OK writes: "Hi Peter! I just wanted to let you know I'm finally listening to you and not going to bed at night during London session! and its hard to believe how price just starts to move alot! is this a dream! I can see this happen day after day! At the london session. I calculated pivots for the monday session 6-28-04 as you teach using fri-midnight/sun-midnight and I'm pleased to say price shot straight thru the pivot! I love the London session! thanx for being a mentor!"

Rod Brown, Australia: "The pivot numbers are very effective. I can pick the high and low for the day extremely accurately, and therefore trade the range very effectively. In fact, I refuse to believe it is this straight forward. I simply find it difficult to believe what is happening in terms of how this helps you to gauge price movement. Since you have been training me upon purchasing your program over six weeks ago, I have been averaging 250 to 350 pips per week simply by adopting your strategies."

One of the largest non-bank online foreign exchange market makers: “I like systems such as your Pivots Program, which are easy to implement and get the job done. I will definitely mention your program to any clients who ask me about good trading systems”

Francois van Staden, South Africa: “I am only trading in the spot FX market. What an amazing piece your Pivots Program is ... WOW!!!).”

Pasquale Grasso, Great Britain: “I couldn't possibly trade the Forex successfully without your Pivots Program.” Manny Bayo, New York: “I’m having a ball with the pivot charts. I just keep doing winning trades. Your chart helps a great deal even; if I’m wrong, I still make 100 pips. Even if you just stick to plan and good money management, your bound to make money.”

Gavin McConnell, Manitoba, Canada: “A guy I referred to you is one happy camper!!! You will not only make money for yourself Peter, but help a lot of people realize their dreams. That has to feel good!!!”

Ed Bowen: “Thanks for the e-books. I have only scanned them so far; however, this is exactly what I've been looking for. I wanted to thank you for writing such a simple, easy-to-read, and completely understandable book providing true direction to trading the forex. The currency strategy is exactly what was missing from my trading, and I now feel like I have a fighting chance to become successful.

Hear what one of my clients had to say recently: “I've recently converted from futures to the FX markets. Needless to say, that was the right move to consistent profitability. Your book and e-book were the main reasons for switching. Many thanks for sharing your insight on this wonderful market. It's so much easier to trade than the e-mini contracts. Thanks for contributing to the investment community a worthwhile product.”

Mark van Greunen from South Africa wrote again:“It is unbelievable to see how accurate your program is. I am totally blown over, and should you encounter any skeptics, refer them to me for a testimony. I have often complimented you, but more so now.”

Manny DaCosta, Mississauga, Ontario:“It’s been a while since I emailed you, maybe about two years ago, since the purchase of your book, and probably one year into very successfully trading the forex - and not only myself but making a lot of money for friends and family, thanks to you Peter.”

Vincent Chamberlain: “I certainly would like for you to be my instructor because your method is by far the best I've seen.”

Gavin McConnell, Manitoba, Canada..“I have been trading the forex for quite a while, and have had fairly good success. Well at least after I paid my dues of losing quite a bit of money at the start. How many of you have experienced the pain of trading and ending up in the fetal position on the floor of your office after letting that losing trade go way to far, or just not understanding why the trade didn't go the direction you picked again!!! Don't move those stops folks:) Anyway, I have had the pleasure and good fortune of meeting a man that, in my opinion, knows more about the forex than anyone. My trading has gone VERY positive since using this guy's system, and it doesn't cost a lot of money like most courses out there that have very limited success. It is so easy to understand; so, if you want to be in the top 10%, send me a email and I will steer you to him. This is without a doubt the best decision you will make trading the forex. All I am doing is trying to help fellow traders succeed at this awesome market. I paid five thousand dollars for a course one time, and then had to unlearn all I had learned in it to succeed. Send me an email, and I will introduce you to a great trader and mentor. Did I say it doesn't cost a lot of money???"

And, then there was Stefan Fudge, who said: “I just wanted to take this time to thank you for sending the e-book on how to trade the Forex. I have used similar calculations on stocks before, with limited success. They seem to work well some days on the stocks with huge floats such as CSCO and MSFT, but inconsistent. However, they seem to work very, very well on currencies! Fibinacci does not compare to your system. The Dr. was correct when he said you can trade successfully with no indicators, as you do with your system.”

Charles Beere, Australia: “I have spent a lot of time searching the ’Net for info., and always found my way back to you. You seem to be the genuine article among the mountains of rubbish available.”

Anonymous: Can you tell me why people and someone like myself has been 'stuck' with trading Futures and Options for years? I am still puzzled. I must say you provide superb service and support. The market maker I just got off the phone with spoke very highly of you.”

A frustrated trader arrived at our doorstep: “Let me give you an idea of my previous purchases of courses and training; I migrated from unit trust to shares to warrants and then finally forex. I started forex by buying books and more books. I downloaded free info. from the Internet from various Web sites which, was more useful than most books. I did a strategy course offered by a "successful trader" who traded the GBP 3AM bar on the 1 hour chart (the break-out). This cost mega-bucks. I then enlisted with computrades trying to use TAPS. This was expensive and probably the most useless course I have ever done. I then went back to buying another book.
· I then bought a day trading technical analysis CD. After the above lot, I decided to "STOP, SWITCH-OFF and MEDITATE". I tried to digest everything I learnt, and then I came up with a reasonable attack plan. By this time, I had gone through all our savings. My approach was good , but I could not pull the trigger. So, I starting looking for help again. On the road again. I came across the Forex-MHV site. I purchased their system. Tried it, and found myself to be disappointed again. They have a pivot calculator, which looks nice, because it was written in C++ , but, in terms of usefulness, your excel spreadsheet works best.

Theo Courtriers, South Africa:"Finally I read Gavin's thread on the Moneytec site and contacted you. At this point in time (and I still have a way to go) I can honestly say: Your pivot system is clearing the smog. I am starting to see things more clearly because of the simple but effective approach of your system. I am reading your e-books, and it is very exiting. I have been going to your Web site to look at your daily trades. So far, I find that to be great examples of the info. in your book. Regards, and thanks for the opportunity to join your circle.”

Hear what Kiran Karnad of Bangalore, India, has to say: “Regarding your Pivots Program, this is toooo good to be true. It is working out just fine. The good thing about the pivots program is that, in spite of all the "external factors" in India, the values are highly reliable. ”

Fernando D. Duran, California: “Just to let you know, that I received your manual "How to trade like a Pro in one hour" and I haven't been able to put it down.”

Tony Albertini, Great Britain: “Many thanks, I received your book this morning. What can I say? Entertaining, eloquent, philosophic - not to mention INFORMATIVE - and that was only the index.”

Nick Marolt, Australia: “Just a quiet thank you for all your efforts, which I must say are considerable, and which have given me some confidence again at a time when I felt like I was caught in ‘No Mans Land.’ I had not really lost much over the years, but then again I had not really made much either. I just felt that all the stuff I had read before in the past was just not cutting the mustard. If nothing else, I just wanted to say that you have given me an insight into things that have provided SO MUCH more knowledge than I had before. All too often you buy a book, or read something, and in reality there are some hints, but never really a real revelation of HOW TO USE information, knowledge, or techniques adequately. If I get nothing else out of this, it will be that you have truly provided insight in how to use a few powerful techniques that I can actually understand the reasoning behind. You have pushed me once again to add more and more knowledge to my arsenal in this game. Its funny how I knew about a number of key areas to look at, but I was never in a position to have somebody show me how to use them properly and effectively. For that I thank you very much indeed.”

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