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Frank Paul

Frank Paul began his Forex career in 2004. In 2007, he joined the Forexmentor team, authoring a number of our most popular and enduring online and DVD training resources including FXM Trend Trader, Learn Forex Now!, Fast Track to Forex, Forex Profits with MACD, FX SystemsLab Monthly, and more. Frank’s underlying philosophy of Forex trading success is to trade only in the direction of a strong trending market, buying at or close to corrective tops or bottoms for high Reward/Risk performance.

Prior to his career in the Forex industry, Frank spent a total of 16 years in a number of marketing and operations roles primarily in management consulting and online commerce. Frank possesses an MBA degree from the University of British Columbia, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree. He lives with his wife and two young children in Vancouver, Canada. Favorite pastimes include mountain biking, skiing, swimming, literature, film, and music.

Testimonials for Frank...

“First of all, I want to thank you for what you've taught me to date. I've been following you enthusiastically for months now, and I'm very impressed with your knowledge and professionalism.” -Ruth M.

“Hi Frank, I just really wana thank to you the way you people help us is amazing. I have no words to thank you. The Best thing I like about you and your teaching is you just simplify everything. You make everything very much simple and cleared this is your best quality I like.” -Hafiz A.

“Good morning sir and happy new year. Just to say a big thank you for Saturday's video, it make trading simple and effortless. God will continue to bless you with more wisdom and am very happy with the way you move the candles forward in explaining how price unfold. It's very educating and it's a privilege to know you. Am planning to start my trading back this year but I just can't stop keeping up with ur weekly videos, there is nothing like it. Thanks again.” -Toyin G.

“Gear Frank: Thanks so much for all of the wonderful emails and programs you have offered over the past few years on Forex Mentor.com. I listen to your weekly videos and I find they are *the best* anyone on the market makes. You describe each system very clearly and in detail. It's impossible not to learn a great deal from your lessons. I don't mind that some of them 20 minutes or longer - you offer so much in that short lecture and it's very easy to understand. You always offer great guidance and easy-to-use systems...Thank you for your help - please keep the videos coming!” -Marina

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