Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In a nutshell, can you tell me what is Coach's Corner Service is all about?
A: It is an interactive training service designed to help Forex traders to attain Forex trading mastery via video courses, daily analysis videos, weekly webinars and interaction with mentors and other traders.
Q: How long have you been training Forex traders?
A: Since 2006. We have coached thousands of aspiring Forex traders.
Q: What is CC Premium?
A: The CC Premium membership is available for our more active and experienced members. In addition to our CC Basic membership, CC Premium members enjoy exclusive access to a live, 24/7 “Skype Chat Lounge” where they are notified of intra-day trade setups and can interact with other experienced traders and coaches. Of course this is in addition to the End of Day (EOD) setups that all CC members receive.
Q: How many currency pairs do you cover?
A: We cover 28 currency pairs and produce videos of setups daily to help you quickly identify tradeable opportunities. CC Premium members also have access to our powerful 24/7 Skype Chat Lounge, where they can participate in a "real time" trading environment with other traders
Q: Do you have any results of your analysis?
A: Please see a sample of our results here.
Q: How is this service different from others?
A: We identify trade setups on a timely basis (well in advance) so our members can participate in these trades. No hindsight analysis here. We use these trades setups to teach out members "how to fish".
Q: How do you notify members when new videos are available?
A: Please follow us at @fxcoachscorner on twitter to receive update notifications. Premium members will get notified via Skype as well.
Q: How many setup analysis videos can we expect on a typical trading day?
A: Usually there are 2 Pre-Market Analysis videos produced each day, covering up to 28 currency pairs: 1 video for our CC Starter members, showing any pending End Of Day (EOD setups), and a separate video for our Premium Members, showing possible intra-day setups. In addition to these videos, members will occasionally receive Bonus videos on various trading lessons/topics.
Q: Can you tell me what hours of the day trade setups are uploaded?
A: Darko posts the Premarket Analsysis videos for both the regular and premium members before the London open.