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"Did a trade almost every single day with great success. Did not risk too much, but my trading account is up 30% for the month of April"
Dick Conradie, South Africa

Dear Forexmentor Members,

The Forexmentor “Coach's Corner” twice-weekly classes are designed to provide highly effective follow-up support to those that have a reasonable grasp of the ideas taught in the core Forexmentor course. Our live virtual class rooms allow traders from all levels to ask specific trading questions and chart examples for discussion.

As you know, Vic Noble has successfully coached 1000's of Forexmentor members since 2006. Vic's specialty is to turn struggling traders into winning traders. If you’ve already met him, you know Vic's passion for helping traders become successful. The testimonials that we receive, and the interviews that he’s done constantly speak well to Vic’s commitment for helping traders succeed.

NOTE: The Coach’s Corner twice-weekly live conferences will be conducted, recorded and archived on Mondays & Thursdays at 3PM US EST using the Gotowebinar conferencing software.

The Coach's Corner offers distinct advantages:

Participants benefit by listening to other members asking trading questions that will help with their own trading. Some of the members are highly successful, and participants can benefit a great deal by learning from these traders!

By having 2 sessions per week, you will get constant reinforcement of the trading concepts and be kept accountable to the master group.

All sessions are recorded, archived and catalogued! If you are unable to attend for any reason, no problem, you can hear the entire session later at your convenience! The sessions have been catalogued back to the fall of 2007, so you can easily go back and listen to specific topics, or hear a particular person who appeared as a guest.

The monthly subscription fee for the service is $149, and Vic will be on-line for about an hour, longer if necessary, twice a week! That means at least 8 times a month which works out to less than $19 per session!

The Coach's Corner conference is fully interactive and participants can ask questions on the fly—making these sessions much more productive.

The ultimate purpose of Coach's Corner will be to help you achieve consistent trading success through consistent application of simple yet effective trading strategies.

If your trading is still not where you’d like it to be, join us at Coach’s Corner—you’ll be glad you did!

Peter R. Bain

& the Forexmentor Team

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Dear Vic,

As you may recall, about 6 weeks ago I made the commitment to trade 1 set-up & 1 set-up only for the month of May or for 20 trades. This is something you speak about quite often. So after spending 5 years trading one set-up then another, being up one week then down the next, I made the commitment to do what you are saying. Focus.......Focus on one set-up and prove or disprove it. I chose MACD Divergence but that really doesn't matter it could have been TT, PZT, VT, doesn't matter, I actually think it could be the FLIP of the COIN and it would work if you stay consistent with your method, have good RR and use good MONEY MANAGEMENT . All that I have learned over the last five years are very important for recognizing confluences but what you have proven to me, and I have proved to myself is FOCUS, RISK REWARD,& MONEY MANAGEMENT is what its all about. OK so here are the 20 trade results.  8 winners 11 losers 1 even NOT GOOD......I AGREE, BUT UP 6.76 % ON ACCOUNT FOR 6 WEEKS WITH NEVER A RISK OF OVER 1% & MOST OF THE TIME 1/2 TO 3/4 % I use pretty much the same setup as Chris Mathas with a few exceptions.All were entered @ 79%, and all but 2 with Entry Limit Orders.  At around 1/2 way to target depending on S&R I take 1/2 profit and move stop to even.That 1 even trade was one of the first and up over 100 pips at one time, that's when I decided to start scaling out. Thanks again for your help as well as Chris.

Walt Moseman