Learn To Trade The Only Setup You Need To Achieve Consistent Success In The Forex Markets!

As a successful Forex Trading Coach, Vic Noble has always encourage traders to focus on just one strategy rather than constantly diluting their attention. The VicTrade is exactly that.

Vic first introduced the VicTrade in 2006, over 9 ½ years ago, and the basic parameters have never changed. What has changed are a few enhancements and nuances that really super-charge this strategy, giving traders very narrowly defined entries with tighter stops which resulting in extremely attractive reward to risk ratios.

The VicTrade pattern sets up pretty much daily on something, making it very appealing to traders no matter where they live. This is a simple setup that works in trending markets, non-trending markets, and very effective as a counter-trend trade. Don’t forget: this is a day-trading strategy, and because you’ll be trading at market extremes, it doesn’t take much price movement in order to realize gains.

The VicTrade is based almost exclusively on price action, the only indicator being MACD. There are no other indicators, just price action and high-probability price reaction levels.

From Vic Noble...

I developed the new VicTrade course with a couple of goals in mind: First to provide traders with a stand-alone, single approach to trading the Forex. Secondly, to show traders of all skill levels how to find these trades, how to enter them, where to place stops, take profits, etc.

If you’re truly committed to a focused approach to trading the Forex, I sincerely believe that this course will be a game-changer. I am excited and looking forward to helping you with your trading goals.

- Vic Noble

What You'll Learn


  • How to find the VicTrade
  • Exactly how and where to enter the VicTrade
  • Where to place the stop
  • How to manage a VicTrade and where to take profit
  • How to use Support & Resistance levels effectively
  • How to use Supply and Demand levels (huge advantage!)
  • Where institutional order blocks are and how to take advantage of them
  • When NOT to take a VicTrade (very important)
  • Tips and Tricks for further enhancement and risk reduction
  • ...and much more...

These updates to this great pattern are what this course is all about. So even if you think you already know about the VicTrade, you’ll find information in this course that adds great value to an already-great strategy. This is a short and very to-the-point course – no fluff, no fill. Just relevant content delivered in easy-to-understand format.


Receive the following bonuses with your course purchase...

  • Supply & Demand Bonus Course
  • Follow up Application Webinar
  • Recorded VicTrade Sample Trades


A: The Vic Trade (VT) is also known as Pattern #6 in our Recurring Forex Patterns course. It’s short term, day-trading pattern that is designed to capture the momentum of the day. It is a simple setup.The parameters for a setup, which is explained in the VicTrade Course, will increase the odds of success, as well as providing attractive reward/risk ratios.

A: Day traders and those looking for daily trading opportunities, but also longer term traders, as the VT can be used on higher time frame charts as well.

A: The pattern was introduced by Vic Noble in early 2006.

A: It is extremely rare that a day goes by that there isn’t a good VT setup. This is one of the nicest features of this trade, as it allows for ample opportunity throughout the week.

A: You should have a basic knowledge of the forex markets, and of using your charts, including drawing Fibonacci levels. We use candlesticks for charting. The only indicator that’s used is MACD. Everything else is observing price levels!

A: No! In fact I would highly recommend that you do NOT start with a lot of cash! You need to become proficient and prove to yourself that you can maintain consistent profitability before committing more capital to trading. Starting off with a lot of money without really knowing what you’re doing makes absolutely no sense. A lot of brokers allow you to open a “mini” account with just $50, however different brokers will require different amounts, so you’ll need to check with your broker for the exact minimum requirements. But if you can put a few hundred dollars into a micro account, it will allow you the necessary time to go through the learning curve without risking a lot of your hard-earned money.

A: Absolutely not! The VT setup is a simple, relying mostly on price action. The only technical indicator you need is MACD, which is available on any charting platform. You should also have the ability to draw Fibonacci levels, which most software can do.

A: In the course I will show you exactly how to trade this pattern. In addition, I have recorded a lot of actual trade examples so that you can see the setups in action, over and over. But like anything else, you need to simply get started and build “time at the controls”. There is no greater teacher than experience.

A: I am available to answer any questions that come up. Just send me an email, detailing exactly what you require. But quite honestly, if you really want to get going quickly, I know of no better way than to spend a bit of time in the Coach’s Corner service that I provide. I do live webinars twice per week and answer all sorts of questions from members, and I go over emails that have been sent in, as well as cover other aspects of trading – notably psychological issues. The CC is a community of like-minded traders, many of them at a developmental level, but others who have become very good traders that you can observe and use as role models. You can check out more information on the CC here: http://forexmentor.com/coachscorner/


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I did this type of trade (vic trade) over and over last month and was up over 40% for the month of January. I have had an amazing turnaround in my trading. I’ve narrowed it down to several things: Focusing on ONE SETUP ONLY that I understand and I understand WHY it works (vic trade on 1 hour chart) PATIENCE, PATIENCE – I know where I want to get in and I put my order in there and DO NOT MOVE IT..If I’m filled, I’m filled. If not, no big deal. I look at 13 pairs every morning. Something almost always sets up and gets hit before my trading day is over…I cancel any open orders once it gets to be 2:00 p.m. CT. There is always another day. - Jerry
Glad to see you using S/D zones (I'm very familiar with them and use them religiously) and your methods seem more refined, even though they weren't in need of anything in all honesty. Vic Trade is King, reigning supreme still. - Omar F.
Well done, excellent job. I really like the new little twists, for lack of a better word, that you have thrown in. It makes this pattern even clearer and one I really want to focus on. Once again, congratulations Vic, just a great course, super job you have done. Best regards, - RC