By Frank Paul & Peter Bain

Learn How to Use Powerful Trendline and Trend Channel Methods for Forex Trading Success

Regardless which specific trading methodology is preferred, Trendline and Trend Channel analysis is one of the foundational elements of technical trading approaches that every single trader simply has got to understand and master. Our course provides that instruction, and is the only product of its kind available at Forexmentor. Simply put, you will not find a more compelling treatment of this subject anywhere.

From Frank Paul...

"Mastery of Trendline and Trend Channel analysis will provide you a heightened degree of confidence in your trading decisions, allowing you to reduce – and possibly even entirely eliminate – the sometimes misleading and often confusing signals that are generated by indicators. Put simply, nothing you can plot on a chart is both more purely price action-based and a more powerful indicator of directional bias than Trendlines and Trend Channels."
- Frank Paul

From Peter Bain...

"I have been with the Forex market for 15 years using these strategies. Like Frank, I am totally committed to your success, and will do anything within my power to help you become successful in this market. We will hold your hand every step of the way. Promise!"
- Peter Bain

What You'll Learn


  • How to properly draw and use “Common Sense” Trendlines
  • How to properly draw and use “Tom Demark” Trendlines
  • Knowing which type of Trendline drawing method to use at all times
  • Understanding the powerful “Six Basic Applications” of Trendline Analysis
  • How to apply Trendline Analysis top-down for trade setup, entry, and exit
  • How to properly draw equidistant Trend Channels
  • Differentiating equidistant Trend Channels from auto-drawn methods
  • Understanding the powerful “Six Basic Applications” of Trend Channel Analysis
  • How to use Trendlines and Trend Channels in a winning combination format
  • How to use horizontal Support/Resistance levels in combination with Trendline Analysis
  • How to apply Trendline Analysis in combination with Fibonacci retracements
  • Special Application #1: Using Trendline breaks as entry triggers
  • Special Application #2: Using Trendline take-profit targets
  • Special Application #3: Using Trend Channel take-profit targets
  • ...and much more...

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A: Simply put: Trendline Analysis is the single most powerful and versatile form of Technical Analysis available to traders, and yet the educational resources devoted to fully and properly fleshing out this topic are surprisingly limited. With the Trendline Mastery course, all bases are covered, all practical applications are fully explained, and you will have no need to go on an information hunt elsewhere to answer any questions you may have. Take the time and effort to fully absorb the contents of our course, and you will quite literally become a master of Trendline Analysis yourself.

A: Trendline Analysis is the one form of Technical Analysis that directs your attention to the price panel first and foremost. Despite the “noise” and low-level retracements along the way, when you have a trendline intact across multiple significant highs or lows, the directional bias of price action is far more accurately and efficiently conveyed than by any combination of Moving Averages, MACD, Stochastics or any other off-the-shelf indicators you could care to name. The biggest problem with indicators is that their numerical settings are completely arbitrary in relation to underlying price action. In focusing first and foremost on trendline analysis, the issue of “settings” is irrelevant – because your trendlines pertain only to price action itself. This is not to suggest that you cannot integrate trendline analysis with indicator readings, but it is strictly optional.

A: Our course has something for everyone. It is ideal for newcomers to trading because it provides the all-important technical foundation you literally cannot do without out, if you wish to become a fully competent market technician. In fact, we’d go so far to say that we really wish somebody had made available a learning resource like this when we were starting our own trading careers, because the topics covered are invaluable and yet not as fully explained anywhere else. On the other hand, more experienced traders who have a familiarity with Trendline Analysis will undoubtedly learn something new and profoundly important by way of the six powerful “Basic Applications” we’ve enumerated for both Trendline and Trend Channel analysis, as well as the three different “Special Applications” covered in Modules 9-11 of our course. Quite literally, there is something for everyone here, regardless of level of experience.

A: Absolutely not! The only specific tool that your charting platform has to provide you to enable top-down Trendline and/or Trend Channel Analysis is a diagonal line drawing tool, and that is something that every commercially available platform on earth can provide. No need for any particular off-the-shelf indicator, or any custom indicator with special plug-in files or scripts, or anything else for that matter!

A: Top-down Trendline and/or Trend Channel analysis is equally important and relevant to all styles of trading – whether it’s a Monthly chart trendline break providing confirmation of a longer-term trend reversal of interest to the Position Trader, or a 15m trendline providing a stop trailing reference of relevance to scalpers – or any and all scenarios in between those extremes. Doesn’t matter what style of trading you define as your own – intelligently and accurately applied Trendline Analysis will benefit you, guaranteed!

A: There is no singular trading “system” or methodology that forms the basis of our presentation; as the intent is rather to show you in clear detail the numerous different ways Trendline and/or Trend Channel analysis can be applied for all aspects of the trading decision – from identifying the high-probability trade bias, to finding a setup, to finding an entry trigger, to identifying profit-maximizing Limit Exit targets, to monitoring the trade through to completion. Though the course content does rely on some high-level theory in places, the bulk of the presentation is structured in the format of PRACTICAL, step-by-step procedural outlines for exploiting the various applications we’ve identified. So it’s not a trading system we’re teaching here, but rather a toolkit of useful and powerful sub-techniques that can turbo-charge your trading results, even if you already have a singular “system” that you like to work with already.

A: Quite simply, after completing the course (by which we mean reviewing all 12 modules start-to-finish with an actively engaged, hands-one learning mindset) you should feel as though you know pretty much everything there is to know about how to apply top-down Trendline Analysis through any and all stages of the trading decision.

A: Yes – absolutely! Course co-presenters, Frank Paul and Peter Bain, are always available for email consultation, to answer any questions you might have, or to provide further clarification as required. Simply put, we’re here to help you, both during your purchase and after, and are always a simple email ‘send’ away. We also have ambitious plans to extend the user community for this product over time, including regular (i.e. monthly) Q&A webinars, and a forthcoming monthly membership service that will allow members to engage in two-way sharing of queries, feedback, discussion and trading ideas.

A: No – not at all. Your purchase allows you unlimited access for as long as you wish, and for as long as the related member’s site remains in operation. (Please note that Forexmentor reserves the right to change its product lineup at any time for any reason).

A: It may be an idea that seems counter-intuitive or possibly even “uncomfortable” to those who have trained themselves (or been trained by others) to rely unnecessarily on indicators, but if you accept the logic that no form of Technical Analysis can take you closer in to viable trend readings on the price panel itself, and if you also accept the fact that Top-Down is always superior to single-timeframe approaches – and if you furthermore accept that indicators can often lag at important turns and/or provide “fuzzy” readings that are hard to make sense of sometimes, you can pretty easily come to the conclusion that top-down Trendline Analysis does indeed make possible the liberating decision to do away with indicators from your charts altogether. It’s not strictly necessary that you do so if you don’t wish, but it is indeed possible.

A: Most if not all aspects of Peter Bain’s foundational focus on Tom DeMark trendline analysis have stood the test of time since the Forexmentor “AM Review” service was launched more than ten years ago – and that alone is a testament to the power and versatility of the methods themselves. But instead of being a mere recap of them, our new course really pushes the boundaries in terms of covering related concepts like Trend Channels (which were not referenced in the AM Review service), and profiling numerous different profit-maximizing applications you probably have not encountered before.

A: No problem! We proudly stand behind the depth and quality of all of our products and services, so if you honestly feel you didn’t get what you paid for when purchasing Trendline Mastery, we will gladly refund your purchase in full (less any applicable credit card processing fees and/or delivery charges as may apply).


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