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A 7-Day Plan to Reaching Your Forex Trading Goals...

This is Dave Deming

Like many beginning traders, when I started trading currencies in May, 2007, I had no shortage of enthusiasm. I was absolutely intrigued by the possibilities. While I had some beginner's luck, I quickly found myself facing an uphill, seemingly never-ending climb to achieving my personal goal of becoming a consistently profitable Forex trader.

I faced the same challenges as most new traders and after only a few weeks of limited training and practice trading, I began to trade real money, pitting myself against the top traders from around the world including international banks, hedge funds and other retail institutions that are part of the global stage of Forex trading. I’m sure you know where this is going....

Not having an organized approach to my trading activities was obviously a big problem, but together with other unresolved issues my early trading produced less than stellar results.

Because technical indicators are so readily available, I was determined to find the right array of indicators and was absolutely convinced that there was a secret combination that I was missing out on. At the same time I fell into the trap of “system chasing”, searching for the ultimate method that would be the answer to my trading woes.

I was alone, and I didn’t have anyone to talk to about my many trading issues, so I was unfortunately forced to tackle the steep learning curve all by myself. I got my hands on everything I could find. I thought that increased knowledge of the markets and technical indicators was the answer to trading mastery. I hadn’t even considering the role that trader and personal psychological issues could be contributing to my poor results. But my lack of consistency and lack of a trading plan were setting me up for failure rather quickly.

In the spring of 2008, I was introduced to Forexmentor when I attended a Forexmentor seminar in Toronto, Canada where I began to put my Forex career back on the right track. I started to acquire the skills and perspective needed to succeed. This would be the first of many "road trips" in my new currency trading career. After a renewed focus on trader and personal development, I soon found that not only did my trading results improve dramatically, but so did my personal life. I recall the pivotal moment when I came across some concepts in a book I had purchased 15 years earlier. By applying these techniques on a daily basis, every facet of my life began to transform. This included much higher levels of effectiveness and productivity in my job, in my relationships with my family, and yes, in my trading approach and results.

This trading journey is described in detail in "Driving Your Way to Success". It’s the story of the road that I've traveled since placing my first currency trade over four years ago.

Once I properly channeled my focus, and most importantly, started working diligently on developing the required psychological skill set that I needed to master, my trading went to an entirely new level. My belief is that by showing you how I constantly focus on achievable daily goals through my unique goal setting process, I can make an indelible and positive impact on your trading as well, not to mention many other areas of your life.

If you're a beginning trader, my wish for you is that you’ll embrace the concepts in this book. They can shorten your learning curve dramatically, allowing you to avoid the mistakes that I made during my early trading. I believe if you focus on the correct activities early in your journey, you will be able to develop strong trading and personal skills that will serve you extremely well for many years to come.

One of the most important habits to develop as a new trader is the habit of working on you--not your charts and the indicators on those charts. In this book I explain in very specific detail how you can do that.

If you're already an experienced trader, "Driving Your Way to Success" will help you fine-tune and improve your trading as you’ll learn to place a sharper focus, and a new emphasis on developing yourself and not on over analysis of charts, technical indicators and the markets. You'll also learn how to correct and replace any bad trading habits that may have crept into your trading or your life that are having a negative impact.

But whether you are a new or a seasoned trader, you'll learn from the extensive personal development and trading resources that I reveal in this book that have made all the difference in every area of my life. Once you see how and why the "7 Day Plan" has resulted in such unbelievable success for me, I know you’ll want to set up your own “7 Day Plan”. The steps to implementing this plan have all been outlined in this book so you can benefit immediately.

See You On The Road!

Dave Deming
- for Forexmentor.com

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