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Your Trading Strategy May Be Good (Even Great) – But It Does NOT Mean You Will Be Profitable...

You just bought what seems to be a great system, but your results are far from what you expected them to be. Does this sound familiar?

Most Forex traders tend to learn and trade the markets in complete isolation with little in the way of interaction or help from experienced mentors and/or other successful traders. They rely solely on their own research and often fall prey to the marketing hype that promises quick riches and easy money. In short, expectations are way out of line with reality.

The consequences can be devastating both financially and just as importantly, psychologically. Every loss or missed opportunity only adds to the frustration, and without a supportive environment, it becomes very easy to abondon whatever game plan that may have existed and fall off the rails, reducing trading to little more than spinning the roulette wheel.

To continue down this destructive path makes zero sense and will eventually lead to total account destruction. There are 2 remaining choices: get help or quit.

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The CC was conceived by long time trading coach and commodities broker VIC NOBLE in early 2006. After working with high net worth clients, and providing personal coaching services to traders, Vic saw a huge need for trader education. Leaning on his years of experience, and viewing the habits and attributes of both the losing and winning traders, he started the Coach’s Corner mentoring service in order to help traders avoid the common pitfalls, and to provide a sound trading approach that is not just technically based, but one that encompasses many other factors, notably the very difficult psychological challenges that trading presents.

On November 1, 2017, DARKO ALI joined Vic Noble as a trading coach and mentor. Darko was a losing trader for many years until he made a fundamental shift in his attitude toward trading. That was about 2 years ago now, and he has been profitable ever since. Darko’s simplistic yet highly effective teaching approach has attracted rave reviews from our CC members, but of particular note are the Pre-Market Analysis (PMA) videos that he provides, in advance, for the CC members every single day – all included in the CC subscription price. This service alone is a resource that is second to none on the internet. But don’t take our word for it. See the testimonials below (and we have many, many more).

“First, I want to thank you for your efforts in making us better traders. I'm one of those who has tried everything over the last 12 years and the CC provides more value than everything else put together. I see that you have no need in giving all you do, but you do it anyway. Thank you again. Cheers, ”- Alex S.

Hello Forex Traders,

Consistently profitable trading does not simply entail buying a trading system and trading it. A trader needs to develop a deeper understanding of risk management, price action, key levels, trading environment and most importantly, trading mindset and psychology.

We are passionate about helping traders become successful, and we love the challenge of turning struggling traders into successful traders. There's no greater satisfaction than seeing students achieve lasting success in their new found career. The testimonials that we receive and the interviews we have with traders constantly speak to our commitment of helping Forex traders succeed.


  • Darko's Daily Premarket Analysis (PMA) Videos:new Folks, this is HUGE. Darko Ali is a 10-year Forex trading veteran. He’s now a partner mentor at Coach’s Corner and an expert with pattern trading. He has made consistent profits in the past two years. Darko only trades patterns at key levels under specific, objective conditions. He has hosted interactive tutorial sessions exclusively for the CC member audience to demonstrate how he trades the patterns. Darko now publishes a daily Premarket Analysis (PMA) videos for members. It is an incredible resource for traders with many rave reviews.
  • The primary technical focus is on trading at key levels of support/resistance, using time tested patterns.
  • An integrated approach to trading, something that most services don’t offer. Trading is not just about “where do I buy and where do I sell”? Understanding trading psychology, market environment, and most importantly, understanding yourself, will all play critical roles in your development.
  • Participants benefit by listening to other members asking trading questions that will help with their own understanding of various trading concepts and strategies. Some of the members are highly successful, and participants learn a great deal from these traders!
  • There is a LIVE CC session each week, on Mondays at 3 pm Eastern Time (NY Time). These sessions are generally a Q&A session for our members, or for providing any new information. Sessions are recorded and archived. If you are unable to attend live for any reason, no problem, you can hear the entire session later at your convenience! You can easily go back and listen to specific topics, or hear a particular person who appeared as a guest.
  • Get access (at no cost) to the VicTrade Video Course - This is a popular, top-rated practical trading strategy course where Vic shows you the only setup you need to achieve consistent success in the Forex markets!

The subscription fee for first month $149. After the first month, the subscription rate drops to just $119 a month

The ultimate purpose of the Coach's Corner is to help you achieve consistent trading success through the repeat application of holistic approaches to trading. If your trading is still not where you’d like it to be, join us in the Coach’s Corner — you’ll be glad you did!

-Vic Noble & Darko Ali


If you are trading unsuccessfully now, you really only have 3 choices: keep on the same path, quit, or…CHANGE YOUR APPROACH! The fact that you’re looking at this probably means you’d like to get on to a profitable track, and we’d love nothing more than to help you. We’ve had great success in helping many, many traders.

Assuming you are committed to achieving positive trading results, then consider the cost of continuing down the same losing path, if that's where you are at now. Not just the financial cost, but more importantly...the psychological cost.

For many, many years, Vic has been very passionate about helping our members, and now, with the addition of Darko to the team, you have mentors that are 100% dedicated to providing the best value on the internet. The Pre-Market Analysis videos that Darko records every day are second to none, and when you hear the confidence and conviction in his voice, you can’t help but be very inspired.

Vic and Darko are extremely passionate about helping our members and you can count on them to do their level best at bringing out the profitable trader in you! Time to stop system-jumping, and trying to re-invent the wheel. We’re very confident that the Coach’s Corner is the last resource you’ll ever need!

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Please contact us for other payment options such as wire transfers. To pay by PayPal, please click here. Please Note:Your subscription will renew automatically at the end of the billing cycle. You may cancel at anytime by simply email us.

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$149 for the first month, $119/month thereafter


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$499 for 6 months (save 20%)

Special bonus with 6-month prepay plan: Top 20 Killer Trader Mistakes


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$119 for the first month, $119/month thereafter

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"Hi Vic, Wanted to say that I really enjoy your training in the Coaches Corner. I have recently rejoined the CC a couple of weeks ago. You definitely have a genuine care to help people succeed in their trading. Since rejoining back I have been following you and Darko's trading set ups. I have not had this many string of wins in a row and in such a short period of time in a long while. The string of wins that I did have years ago was ONLY because I only knew one set-up which only worked in one condition of the market, which I unknowingly was applying it to all market conditions having everything i gained lost. Now with learning four of the many set-ups offered in the CC, I see many more opportunities present themselves across many pairs in different market conditions. Really enjoying Darko in the premium service. He is right, the learning curve is greatly accelerated. It's much appreciated him taking the time to provide this service. I feel so more confident of myself becoming a more consistent and profitable trader. Thanks," - Michael

"Hi Vic, Thanks for your quick reply. I’m really starting to see the patterns jump out at me after a few initial hiccups haha. I watched the CC session on price action this morning. Wow it was fantastic I felt the “ping” moment happen and the lightbulb come on. I’ll be printing the patterns once I’m home in the morning after I’ve had a kip. It’s all starting the fall into place. I can’t begin to explain how it feels, everything makes complete sense to me now. Both you and Darko have made a significant dent in my learning and I’ve only been a member since December. And if you can do that in such a short time I can only imagine what the rest of the year holds. Please pass my thanks on to Darko when you next speak to him. Enjoy your weekend" - James

"Darko, I really like the PMA videos They are helping me see what you are seeing. Look forward to see you in Coach's Corner Monday. Thank you for such great videos. Hope you are getting time with wife, kids and dog." -Jody

"Hi Darko, Woohoo...!!!! Thanks I'm really happy I got it right. It was another light bulb moment after re-watching the CC session from 9 October 2017. One of the most important sessions on support/resistance and the AMF in my opinion. Everything is slowly falling into place and its down to you, Vic and the fantastic sessions in the CC. Best Regards" -James

"Hi Darko, I'm a long time "off and on" member of the CC. I just re-joined again a couple of days ago after listening to one of your PMA sessions that was attached to an email from Vic. I knew instantly after listening to your presentation, that I could gain a lot of valuable ways to see the market by looking for the various patterns that you use in your trading. As a matter of fact, I took my first trade on the AUD/USD last night with a successful take profit. Thank you. Thanks again,", - David B., Redlands, CA

"Hi Darko, Just like to say that I've just listened to today's PMA and once again, it is like gold for me. I definitely feel my trading is developing in leaps and bounds (despite being down in the two trades AUD/USD,USD/CAD!). I'm seeing these patterns more clearly now, and developing a repeatable process. I've also back-tested three pairs for an entire year twice, and that has instilled confidence in the system! As you must know, that was extremely time-consuming, but worth every minute. Wishing you a great day. All the best, " - Leo

"Good Morning Darko, Since you have been Coaching, I have felt your enthusiasm, your desire to better yourself and help others, and your slightly different perception about pattern trading. Your style of trading is crystal clear for me. The Objective style is perfect and I feel hope again. I'm finding myself enjoying trading for the first time in a long time. I have purpose when I open my charts and no confusion. I still need to continue backtesting and practice, and am looking forward to next Monday's class on backtesting. There are no words to fully tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to share your success and your trading style with me, with the CC. I look forward to you becoming the Best Pattern Trader in the World! I know you are busy, busy, with all that you are contributing.....Please do not feel you need to answer this email. Thanks Darko. Much appreciation," - Kathy K.

"Hi Darko, Your training is invaluable and I am absolutely loving your PMA videos!!! Best Regards," - Matt Grassa

"Hello Darko, I want you to know how much I appreciate your method of illustrating potential trade setups, where you focus on the setups in advance, especially with the Cypher, Gartley, and Bat patterns. Since re-joining the CC, I have taken two trades this week, both winners by hitting my TP point, the most recent trade being a Cypher on the EJ which concluded profitably this morning. Although it is said that there is no holy grail in trading, I believe that your method of training just may be the holy grail of mentoring. Regards," - David Block

"Hi Darko, After so many years of struggle, like you, I am finally starting to see the light of day with the help of your coaching. Your approach to teaching pattern setups as they develop and not "hind sight trading" is such a helpful tool for a struggling learning trader. You've answered many questions that I never knew I had and that is making such a difference in understanding the forex markets. Thank you for what you're doing for all of us in the Coaches Corner. I just want to personally thank you for all your hard work and dedication you're putting into the Coaches Corner. I was almost ready to pack it in again after many years of struggle and with your story of personal experiences and dedication to help struggling traders, I believe with your coaching and a lot of hard work on my part, I can finally become a successful and more comfortable trader. Keep up the good work, and don't over do it. Maintaining personal health and mental health is all part of being a good trader, coach, husband, father and law enforcer. That's my little piece of advice from the peanut gallery, lol. Thanks much," - Art K.

"Hi Vic, Hope all is well and welcome back. The CC needs you to be around to keep us in line and to give us your many words of wisdom, lol.I would be more than glad to contribute my comments for testimonials to the CC as Darko has truly earned recognition for his dedication and massive work that he is doing for all the members. His explanation of developing trade setups on the hard right edge as they unfold has greatly helped me to understand the language of the market. Learning this process to find and uncover these setups as they unfold is like turning a light on in the tunnel. Now I can move around without banging my head as much, it's like having GPS in the markets, lol. Anyway, it's all good stuff and look forward to learning more of this. Thanks much and keep up the good work," - Art K.

"Dear Darko, I thank and congratulate you for superb course presentations. After years of almost getting the hang of trading, I am able to see a much clearer picture of where I need to improve and what I keep on missing. Kind regards" - Steyn