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Trader Inteview

Dec. 2, 2006

Brent was getting very mixed
results, and was having a difficult time determining
the best direction to trade each day, and knowing
exactly where to buy and sell, etc.
Following our session, his results have been nothing
short of incredible.  He has diligently followed a set
of rules, and has laid out a plan for his approach to
trading each and every day, and I think his story
really exemplifies the possibilities in this business. 

Here's our interview:

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Hi Vic - here is a quick update.  This was an easy> trade, but just made another successful trade on the
yen with your system.  I have never picked a loser yet with your system and it always hits the 1st extension
- even in my backtesting it hit the 1st extension 100% of the time and the 2nd about 50%.Oh, this is something I learned in bactesting that helped with my trade tonight - I think it is interesting.  I noticed that if the retracement is more than 20 pips, then take it even if it is only at the 38% level.  Well it worked tonight.  The yen had retraced only to about 38% but it was over 20 pips so I entered - and sure enough that was the very bottom low and it went straight up to the 1st extension fast. Just thought that would interest you. Vic, thank you so much for your help.  I've never seen a system before that produces 100%.  Is this the holy
grail or something?  All I know is you ROCK!!!
Thanks again -

Brent Stanley
Fort Collins, CO

I've spent a lot of money over the years accumulating knowledge about the Forex market, but I have to say the 2 hour coaching session I had this morning with Vic Noble was amongst the best investments in time & money I have made so far.    Peter's AM Reviews tought me all the basics, and Vic's advice was the icing on the cake.     I now feel more confident to go ahead and take trades, knowing the odds are firmly on my side.   Thank you Vic, and I highly recommend your coaching session to any Forexmentor member who,like me, still lacks the confidence to "know" or recognise when a trade has an excellent chance of success.


John Olson

Hi Vic
Just a note of thanks for the Coaching Session. I have been studying studying studying and learning to trade the Forex.
The courses are superb but I have to say, with all the study done, it can be a very different scenario out there on your own looking to put it into practice. I got interested in the forex as a bussiness from my own research.
I did not have anyone telling me about it or assisting me. At the point I was two weeks trading a demo account I knew I needed some help and guidance and couldnt believe it when you set up our Coaching session right there in my office over the internet within a day of contacting you.
Your simple precise and effective way of dealing and putting across your methods has boosted me to where I need to be. And your follow up on my first day applying it to assist me in my first post-coaching trade is beyond expectations.
I would urge anyone taking on this challenge in Forexworld to get in touch with you and either get started or get corrected with your personal and personable tailor-made coaching session and guidance. You obviously care about helping people make it in this industry and I have no doubt your kind assistance will get me there far quicker than anything else I could do.
Look forward to our next meeting and really glad your there.
Aidan Carlson

Hi Vic, Your method is superb, today i made profit twice on USD/CHF, first time 28 pips and 2nd trade, 18 pips. Thankyou very much for your help.
Benny Neo

Hi Vic, I just wanted to thank you for spending some time with me. Also, thanks for Eric's address. We're in contact now. I am already having astounding success. I took my session with you Tuesday, and have had 6 trades over the last two days. My first two were losses but only because I had the direction wrong. I knew price would retrace and I got out with only 15 pip losses. I have netted 125 pips since our session ( and I only need to make 20 a week, right?). I am amazed that you could turn my trading around. I know where price is headed and which direction to go, where to enter, and where to get out. Best money I've spent on the forex. Thanks,

Brian Sater
Providence, Utah

Hi Peter, I wanted to let you know how great Vic Noble is as a mentor.  His training session is excellent, he is clear, provides lots of examples of setups to peruse during and after the session.  He is very helpful, patient and generous with his time.  He continues to provide further examples of setups to keep one on track afterward and he responds quickly to any questions.  He is without a doubt the best money that I have invested in forex training since investing in your course.  If anyone has any confusion or is just not getting the trade results that they desire, I would highly recommend talking with Vic!

Michael Bridgman
Vancouver, BC

Hi Vic, I picked up a nice short tonight, 26/9, on the GBP/USD for 41pips, with initial 27 pip risk. If it wasn’t for you Vic this wouldn’t have been possible. Before I was filled there was an initial retracement to 18997 (good resistance here) before it went backed down. I thought I’d missed out but low and behold I got filled soon after at 19001. There was some GBP news at 04:30 (came out 20mins or so after I was filled), however I decided if need be to ride it out, considering all the technical indicators seemed to be supporting a downward price move.

Thanks to you I feel a hell of a lot more confident about entering a trade, I’m trying not to get carried away, however the one private session I had with you has just opened up a pandora’s box for me as far as what I need to do to make a go of this business. There’s a long way to go I know, but Vic know this, you have already made a massive difference. I can’t thank you enough… Cheers, Paul S..

I feel the training I had with Vic Noble was the best I have ever experienced one on one.  He paints a realistic picture of the forex market and the true potential one might experience following his trading program he teaches you. The best two hours of your forex experience will be back to back learning that will the best spent money you have spent on any forex training ever.  I am extremely happy a friend referred Vic Noble to me.
San Diego, CA

The coaching session I took with you has been the glue that has pulled all of this together for me!!!  The top-down analysis approach is crystal clear to me now and makes so much sense.  I can not believe I was trying to trade the markets without this knowledge!  I now have a solid approach to trading the markets that allows me to execute objectively (no gut feelings) and consistently!  Thanks so much Vic!  I would strongly recommend to anyone who is serious about achieving success in their trading to sign up for your coaching - it will make a world of difference!!
Lynn Gallagher
Bloomington, MN


I describe heavily, something occurred. I was trying to make positive result one year and half. It didn't go. I was on floor more every day, wills weaken and frightened. I didn't know how to make system from knowledges, that them have from accompanying web aged from Of base of trading
alone got from (pivot, MACD, trenline, …), but is not me gone. Respected Vic, you said  me in what I trust: MACD on 4 hour chart and one hour chart and some to use Fibonacci system.

Today made on EUR/USD 60 pips, GPB/USD 80 pips, USD/JPY 50 pips. WOW. I lost on AUS/USD 25 pips (long candle). WOW!!! Your system work for me! Again, thank you very much.

-Vladimir Tomazic
Medvode, Slovenia

Hi Vic,

I enjoyed the session yesterday, I'm trying to soak it up. I'm impressed by the precision of the entries and exits of positions. I learned more yesterday than i have in 6 months and for the first time it made real sense. I have questions about the charts...Once again thank you i think now i will be a good trader, and i will book
another session soon.

Thank you
-Peterborough, UK

Hi Vic,
Thank you so much for your mentorship and the example you sent us this week.  We've really enjoyed all the info you presented to us and have been trying to apply it to our trading.  Since talking with you our success has been slowly inproving.  We now have 3 wins and 3 losses applying your method.
I think we are really beginning to work out the bugs in our mind, and the most probable set up is really becoming very clear to us.  I am very excited about the last trade we just executed last night, Monday May 08 - 06.  The overall trend was up on the Pound, and the 15 min and hourly showed signs of a good neutralization pattern.  (4 hour had neg. div, but no reversal candles pointed down yet.)  I put an order to buy just below 78%, which was also around M2, and matched up with a string of old consolidating candles.  Stop went 20 pips below.  Limit was at 1.27% which was also exactly M4 (M2/M4 day!)
The entire move that we were in, moved >30 pips more than our entire profit!!!  I am so excited and thrilled with the accuracy of your method.

Here are the exact figures we used:
Buy:   1.8595
Stop: 1.8575 - 20:67 good risk:reward
Limit: 1.8662

This is our largest profit to date on one trade.  My biggest surprise was when I got up at 4:30 EST to take my little boy to the bathroom, I thought I would see if I could move up my stop to break even, and maybe close half the trade at 30 as you suggest - the limit had already been reached and the run was losing momentum!!  I had the best sleep in weeks for the rest of the night :-).
Have a great week and God bless you,
Melody and Myron Friesen
- Saskatoon, SK
(PS: I am very grateful for the way you explained risk management to us.  I had a fairly good understanding of this, but you really cleared things up for me with regards to how many lots to trade each time as well as how to take in account risk:reward.  Our demo account is now growing, even though we have had just as many losses as wins, which is just awesome!!)

Hi Vic,

Thanks for your quick reply in clarifying the concept of market flow and also for reminding me of the importance of top down approach and the need for confluence of events before deciding on a trade. I am blown away to realise from what I have learnt from Peter and yourself I now have the tools to put together a really sound trading system including a mechanical way of entering and exiting a trade. Thanks so much for everything and I look forward to applying what I have learnt from you. 
Bye for now and thanks again.
Lena Lim
- Wheelers Hill, Australia

Hi Vic,

I am a long term trader with a lot of experience. I took your training on March 19th.. For the month of April, I am up 63.2 %. The key, for me has been, going over the forexmentor am reviews and reviewing your notes. Very simple.  I cannot thank you enough.
Best Regards,

Robert Rivera,

Hi Vic,

This was the first full week of trading since my mentoring session with you....The results: 5 trades taken, 5 successes, total: 194 pips.... I found your mentoring session very helpful and putting it together with 6 months of practicing with Peter Bain's core methods, I feel the light has finally gone on.
Best wishes again,

David J,
London, UK

Hi Vic,

Trades are going well. Have to share this with you. It's a first for me. Trading the same pair twice on the same day. Entered a long position with EUR/JPY during the London session today(Friday) for 31 pips and then entered a long position on the same pair during the NY session for 37 pips. Did it all because of what I'm calling Noble knowledge.

Thanks Vic.
Have a great weekend

Mississauga, Ontario

Hi Vic, ...I am currently having a great run with your system on the Australian dollar. Did a trade almost every single day with great success. Did not risk too much, but my trading account is up 30% for the month of April, all thanks to the one session with you. Thanks again. Regards,

Dick Conradie,
Faerie Glen, South Africa

Hi Vic,
I have been using your setups on the usd/jpy and they are really working. The fibo numbers are really working and I just wait (patience) until I see the retracements "peak" and come down some before getting in along with other factors. I don't know of many traders that I talk to that like the usd.jpy, but I feel comfortable with it and thats what counts. I look forward to your weekly "setups" and continue with my knowledge. I have finally found a trading career that I truly enjoy. When I traded futures(cattle, wheat,etc) it was very difficult with the gap openings,etc. I think I will leave that to the commercial traders. I have also found out that I can settle for 10 to 20 pips and be happy at this point. Just trade a few more lots and what is the difference.
Thanks again and happy trading.
Ron Durham,
Spokane, WA

Dear Peter,
I am a devoted Forexmentor member and recently took my first online mentor session with Vic Noble.  Skype and GoToMeeting really make it an immersive experience.  And what a grand experience it was as I'm now looking at the market in a new a better way while executing trades at defined entry and exit points.  Best of all, I'm managing my trades and account better then ever before which is really the key to successful trading.  Vic has improved my trading top to bottom!
In my view, Vic offers the best forex mentorship value on the internet without a doubt.
All the best,
Frank J. Lane
Seattle, WA

Hey Vic,

Just a quick note. A few things we spoke about during today's session really helped me put a handy trade together on the pound.a nice run up in price to 1.7548, than a retracement to 50%, a pivot point and high's all within a few pips of each other. Price than goes forward to 1.27 fib ext yielding almost 50 pips. The things you spoke about were market flows on the higher time frames,looking for either support/resistance where a fib retracement is(combined with a pivot level),and your advise not to be over concerned if a given day is a m1/m3 or m2/m4 day but  look at the overal force of the trend. Chances are that you were on the trade also, but point is that the "fine tuning" things you spoke gave me 100% confidents to commit to the trade and to let it roll on up onto it's profit projection. Thank's once more you have really taught me some key points such as money management,patients,quality entry's and most importantly how not to over trade but to become a fussy trader when qualifying a potential trade.The list does go on but this is meant just to be a quick note and not a memo. Just one other point to mention is that since i started with you i have learned to document every trade without any effort, in fact it has become a part of my trading procedure. It's all thank's to you Vic and the forexmentor programme, but i must make a very special mention of you.

Thank you once more.

Steve Teunis
April 12, 2006

Hi Vic,
 Thanks for a great session and for all the extra supporting materials. I’m already feeling more confident about my future trading. In fact I placed a trade today that I would never have considered before and came out with 15 pips profit. Not picture perfect but certainly a step in the right direction. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into the session as I got so much from it.Best Regards, Rob

Hello, I just wanted to say a few words about my training sessions with Vic Noble.
I've only been learning to trade now for about six months, I am a complete novice with no experience whatsoever. I'd been playing around with learning trading with online demo systems and when the new year arrived, long before I met Vic, I decided to plop down a thousand dollars into a live account (even though I really didn't know what I was doing, even on the demo). And guess what -- I promptly lost most of my thousand dollars. No surprise?
I admit I had some weird ideas -- I didn't want to use stops. I was chasing the market, making loss after loss. I felt the market was making strange behaviours and I became more and more confused. I can see now that I was reading all kinds of things into the market that probably weren't there. Finally, I reached a point of desperation when I realised that trading the forex is not a crap shoot, and I just didn't know what I was doing. I needed help. When I saw the ad for Vic Noble on the web site, I decided that was the route I should take, one-to-one mentoring -- so I signed up for a 5 lesson course.
I have to say that Vic really turned my head around right away, from being filled with all kinds of notions about trading, to having a down to earth, practical step by step method for trading.  Vic was able to provide me with an answer to all my questions, including how to spot good trading setups, where exactly to enter trades, how to calculate the amount of risk I should be willing to take and set my stops correctly, how to target profit levels and get out of trades correctly. To be honest I'd read a lot of it before online, but Vic laid it out in such a way that I was able to structure my trading around each concept, step by step, and follow it as one follows rules.
I may not be taking down loads of cash yet -- I still have a lot to learn -- but Vic has turned this into a science for me, whereas before it was some kind of mystical roulette wheel. And I can see that when applied correctly this science does work. I've also taken the AIME foundation workshop, back in November -- but I'm afraid even that was a little bit too advanced for someone as inexperienced as myself, who really needed a basic push in the right direction. Vic was the one to give me that push, and get me headed in the right direction. 
I'm actually starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now... I can't say how much I appreciate everything Vic has taught me. The lessons were expensive, but I'd say they were well worth the money spent, because the techniques Vic taught me will be ingrained in me as basic disciplines in all my trading efforts going forward,no matter what else I learn in this market. Thanks so much, Vic!!!


Hugh J. Hitchcock

Hi Vic,

I cannot thank you enough for the two hour session. I have done quite well the past month. Trades are easier to spot

Robert Rivera

Mr. Noble,

Thanks for the training session.  It was worth every penny, plus some.  The ball is now in our court.  We got to put knowledge gained into profitable action.  And that we must achieve.
Thank you very much.


"Hi Vic, just thought I would send you a note and tell you how grateful I am to you for showing me your system.... I find that the reason I assimilated your information so well is that, you have such a non critical approach to teaching. You don't act parental while in the teaching process which I find refreshing. You are straight forward in your approach without judgment. Yet you get the point across succinctly. I just thought I would take the time to let you know just how valuable you are. One grateful student"

James Karnes

Hi,    This is Garrett and i recently did the personal mentoring approach with Vic Noble and it was trully a great experience. He presented his material well and also answered every questions i had i feel as though i understand the approach that he thought for you traders who know a lot but seem to be using to many approachs to trading or just need some personal guidance i highly recommned this service thourgh forexmentor. Even after i finished the session i have contacted him and with a few questions and he respondes so quickly and with the right information, you can tell he trully cares. Well worth the money but so is the whole forexmentor service. I really like this program because everyone treates you with respect and like a person not just another number which is refreeshing in this day and age. Well thank you to the whole forex mentor team and Vic. 

God Bless,

Garrett Thayer

I just want to drop a note and say how much I've enjoyed my mentoring sessions with Vic. I've had 2 sessions thus far and it's made a huge difference in my trading. I'm at about 70% winners now with the winners averaging 33 pips and the losers averaging 24 pips. Previously I had been upside down in my risk/reward ratio. Perhaps the best thing is this. Prior to now, I thought the only time I could trade was the European session, which was the only time I could consistently be in front of the computer for any length of time. For someone in the central time zone with a 9-5 job, that meant getting up at 1:30 am, trading for 3 hours, then back to bed at 4:30am, get back up at 7am, and off to work. I no longer have to do that as a direct result of the techniques I've learned from Vic.
Vic is also an excellent teacher. He makes things easy to understand and makes sure that you do understand. I also appreciate the follow up chart examples and the fact that he makes himself available by e-mail for any questions after the session. I'm looking forward to further sessions with Vic as I am sure that he'll be able to help me improve all the more.
Richard Daniels
St. Louis, MO

Greetings Peter,

Just wanted to drop a note to say that the session I had with Vic was very beneficial.  It helped me to fine tune my set up analysis.  I also wanted to mention that I'm probably the hardest working person when it comes to finding the easiest way to do something, and with trading currencies, this is absolutely essential to surviving.  I printed too many member ideas at first and got the "paralysis by analysis" syndrome while looking for trading opps. I'm trading for income now, after a year, and whenever I deviate from the nuts and bolts, I lose. I don't like busy charts(except for pivots and maybe MA's) and use macd for divergence and hourly trend. I like fibs, and they usually correspond to trend line break retests (or break level retests) which are usually my entry points.  I'm somewhat conservative so I don't like getting in on the initial breaks unless I have a major confluence happening.  I do like the KTTN for news as it's padded my account here recently (hopefully Friday NFP will be decisive). Keep it simple and don't read too many commentaries on what somebody thinks a currency pair is going to do. It's noise and it will spin you.

Just my non-expert opinion.


Gary Dossantos
Oviedo, Fl 

Hi Peter,

I have just finsihed all my classes with Mr. Vic Noble. I would again like to thank him and your team to provide such wonderful service. For me it was so incredible. I have taken 12 trades in 3 weeks on the technical analysis that I and Vic discussed. I have just loss only one trade and it was my mistake on that trade because I have traded on the news not on technical analysis. I am so satisfied with my technical analysis on which i work that sometimes it looks to me like a magic ball for me. I would like to suggest the students who are still struggling "Trade only when you see a trade". Don't try to trade daily without seeing a trade.

Thanks Vic I will be in touch with you,

Thanking you,


Hi Vic!

I would like to thank you for the most informative productive session that I had the pleasure to be on the receiving end of. Vic you made it clear to me as to how and when to enter a trade and how and when to exit. I am very very pleased as to what I was able to learn from you. I will let you know how things are going. Keep up the good work!

Best regards,
Chet Obacz

Many thanks for a terrific two hours. It was exactly what I needed.  I had so much different information on trading, that I was in a total state of confusion.  I really like the simple trading system that you presented.  I know it is a winner, and I Iook forward to implementing it immediately. I cannot wait to study the many follow up charts that you sent.  Thanks again for all your help.


Vic, I am trading extremely well. I have got some very good trades last week. I will always appreciate that what you have taught me and i will always be grateful to you for teaching me fibonacci. Thanks,


Hi Vic
Just wanted to give you a quick update of my 1st week of trading after our session. Couldn't wait to get started so the 1st trade was Sunday April 2; Asian session-shorted the Euro for 45 pips, then Tuesday April 4; London session-long on the GBP for 54 pips and Friday April 7; London session-short on the GBP for 36 pips. Total gain for the week 135 pips. Thanks Vic!

Chet Obacz

Hi Vic,
I just want to say thak you for your coaching session I took recently. It was very helpful and well worth the time and money. Thanks again! Best regards,

Attila Himer

Hi Vic, The mentoring session last night really was excellent. It answered so many of my questions without me even having to ask them. I look forward to the coming week practising these strategies in my demo account. Once I'm confident, I'll go back to live trading. I'll send details of results in a week or two. I must say Vic you over-deliver, in the same style as Peter's program. The value for money you provide is quite outstanding. Thanks again.

David J.

Hi Vic,    I took my first trade yesterday USD/JPY, it was a live trade and for 21 pips i pulled out at the first fib extension. I can't believe it because i had full confidence i knew exactly what was going on, i have just repeatidly been going over the charts you sent me. Thanks for the coaching i can't thank you enough because finally i know how to trade...Once again thanks a lot and i will book another session soon to help further my trading. Once again i am very gratefull for what you taught me.           

kind regards, KH

Hi Vic
Thats 4 trades 4 wins so far, im really understanding this. At least i always know which direction the market is going. I want to say thanks again you have taught me how to make money...  thank you,  


Peter, I recently went through a training session with Vic Noble and he was outstanding!  He is a very patient teacher with a wealth of information.  I would encourage all traders at any level to spent a couple of hours with him.  His method gives you a structured approach to trading that will endure.

Thanks again for all you do and God bless you.

Dan Giddens
Austin, Texas

Hi Vic,  Reporting in. As Peter  says to make a fat story thin,  You, my friend , are worth your weight in gold!!! For me at least your coaching on  FIBONACCI  has been unbelievable !!! I did testing for a full week and got 80% plus results.  Thanks Vic.    

Dan Leach
Stuart, FL

Hi Vic, Thanks also for explaining how you apply trailing stops and exits. Has given me framework to finetune my trading plan. I can see the discipline with it working well towards making sure that once entry is made the trade is managed well and will have positive effects in more ways than one including getting less knocked about emotionally ;-)
Thanks again for everything and for your encouragement. Bye for now !
Lena Lim
- Camberwell South, AU

Peter and Vic, On Tuesday, May 23rd, I had a coaching session with Vic Noble. I received a great impartation of trading knowledge, which has me excited.  This session has given me a new prospective on my trading strategy.  It has caused me to see the market in a broader view, which has changed my trading focus. The session revealed many of my trading errors.  I now have a better feel for determining price direction, as well as a clearer understanding of how and where to enter and exit the market.  I would always arbitrarily use a 30 pip stop, not realizing, this was not the correct method of stop placement. I see more on the charts now, than I ever saw before. I always understood the material, but for some reason, could not bring it all together.  This coaching session has given me the tools, to tie it all together. Peter you and the forexmentor family are a blessing to so many individuals.  You are changing lives as well as families. I will be forever grateful.

May God continue to bless you and your family.

Rebecca Ruffin
Bronx, NY

Hi Vic, I just want to thank you for the wonderful and very informative session that i had with you, everything start clicking and making sense in my mind now, and with all the charts that you send after i have plenty of material
to go over and make the fibonacci concept sink in my mind, now i don't have to chase a trade or think that i miss one, i just jump and wait for the pull back, selling rallies or buying dips, very low risk approach, can't ask for more. Thanks

-Mario A.
Hialeah, FL

pd: I'll book another session soon.

Hello Vic,
It has been a very good week for us as well.   We have been very picky for the trades that  we have traded and it's nice for the markets to put out trades again.   Our success has been great,  since Aug 01/06 we have traded 14 trades and 11 have been wins (patience has paid off).  Like you say,  it's not how much you trade but how profitable you are.    Since we had the coaching session and participated in the coaches corner we  have learned so much.  I think that the constant reminding and repetition of just one trading stradegy has helped to make it becoome sub-conscience in our minds.  We believe this is what made it happen.  We are now successful traders who will continue to educate ourselves and reach for greater success.   If anyone wants to make things happen with there trading, the path we have taken is a great way to go.
Thank You and Happy Trading,
-Myron and Melody Friesen

Hello Vic,

I just want to thank you for the last session. Everything is so clear for me now. So clear so I’ve just placed 2 trades , one on EUR/JPY ( short, completed a few minutes ago : +30pips ) and another one on USD / JPY ( short, going well right now : + 12 at this moment, still going) I will prepared some slides and I will send to you. It’s amazing how it works.

THANKS AGAIN!! Best Regards,
- S
ebastian Florea, Romania

Vic, I wanted to Thank You for the session yesterday. Last night I put on a trade in the EUR/USD using the information I learned from you. Needless to say, I was shocked to wake up this morning to find I had earned 50 pips and the trade had closed successfully. I was so amazed that I wasn't really looking for another opportunity right away and missed a trade shortly after for 60 pips using the same technique I learned from you. I have desperately wanted to learn how to trade a sideways market (since we seem to have a lot of that lately) and now I think I can. Hopefully this wasn't beginner's luck.

Thanks again
Bill Gavlas
Golden Colorado

Hi There Vic,
Thank you so much for continuing to send us the great examples each week.  We look forward to studying them and learn a little something more from each one.
Our trading success is just getting better and better.  Since Aug., we are now trading with an 80% success rate which is really thrilling to us.  We are careful to pick iron clad trades and sometimes we just end up watching a move that missed our order.  Just like you said in your email, we've really learned not to force anything.  Learing this discipline is so rewarding!!
Today, Monday, Oct 01 - 2006, we executed a trade just after midnight EST to buy the EUR/USD.  This was the first trade we've had now where we could trade 3 lots, so we were extremely excited to see that we took 57 pips profit this morning.
Thanks to your very effective approach and stradegy we are now confident and completely in control of our emotions before, during and after our trades.  We've started sharing your comprehensive method with other members of our family and this is engraining the methodology even deeper into our minds.  It is so rewarding to see others catch on and be successful.  (It's also nice to be able to talk to someone about your trade and have them know what you're talking about :-)
Well, thanks again for your support and generous knowlegde sharing.  We are truly reaping the benefits of all your efforts.
Have an exceptional week filled with happiness and success
Myron and Melody


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